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bmg grizzlies

BMG Grizzlies - a wild bunch of committed players

Written by Media Manager.

Bowater Honda was approached by a group of Nelson College students for sponsorship of their team during the evening Tahuna Touch Competition. Always keen to support our younger generation being more active in local sport, it was easy to get the support sponsorship in place.


The team is made up of 12 likely local lads: from left back row - 1. Ozzie Mitchell - 9. Cayden Edwards - 4. Phillippe Swart - 7. Zac Columbus - 8. Cormac Enright - 12. Jake Moore -10. Jackson Pugh - 11. Ryan Amlehn - FRONT ROW (from left) - 6. Ash Lindup - 2. Luke Smith - 3.Christian Jessop.

The boys created a team made up of a fringe group of senior first and second XV players from several local schools, calling themselves the Grizzlies. This may seem like a weird name, but according to one father of a player, this is apparently not after the popular survivalist Bear Grylls, but the hairy quadrupeds from North America to which they share a remarkable likeness and similar scent. We think that this may be stretching the truth just a little but will run with it as an explanation for now!

BMG Grizzlies

The players come from leading school teams and have variously represented their province in age and weight grades. They know how to win and how to be representative sportsman.

We look forward to following their progress and will continue to post photos and results as they come to hand.


Go the grizzlies!
You can also follow them on their Facebook Page < >

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