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Z Bowater Motor's loves being Good in the Hood.

It is great to be Good in the Hood, and with two Z stations in the Bowater Motor Group that gives us double the amount of money to give away! We have a great section on the website full of articles, video and photos of some of those charities that we have been Good in the Hood with. Click here to learn more.

Mini on restoration road

Written by Media Manager.

The BMG MiniLabour of love benefits Relay for Life

Article from The Nelson Mail 05/07/12
Photo: MARION VAN DIJK/FAIRFAX NZ. Nick Harrison, left, and Bob Croy are starting to work on the panels of the 1975 Morris Mini Relay for Life fundraiser.

A Wakefield project to restore an old Mini to raise money for the Relay for Life has continued to accelerate, with the car receiving panelbeating work, a personalised plate, and a starring role in a calendar.

 In March retired mechanic Bob Croy, retired carpenter John Bruce, and tinkerer Martin Reid joined forces to restore a 1975 Morris Mini Mark 3 to raffle for the 2014 relay, with profits going to the Cancer Society.

Since the project began, the group has partnered with businesses and groups, including Sun City Panel and Paint, the Bowater Motor Group and Hotwash Water Blasting.

Now the car is with Wakefield panelbeater Nick Harrison, who will get it into shape.

Mr Croy said sponsors had come forward for everything from door panels to the material used to build a trailer.

He is keen to see whether a business would want to sponsor a personalised plate for the car, reading DF4DIL, for Daffodil Day.

He expects the car to be complete next June.

Cancer Society centre manager Linda Lucre said photographer Andrea Seymour was preparing a 2013 calendar as a fundraiser for the society, and a photo of the Mini would be the March entry, as the Relay for Life was held in March.

The group is keen for more help, which could be tools, expertise or sponsorship.

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