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  • toyota 86

    Toyota 86: Funs' Back!

    The all new Toyota 86 is a legend in the making. It is a return to the pure fun of driving. Rear wheel, front engined with a very low centre of gravity. It has been winning Car of the Year awards all over the world, including being named the Top Gear Car of 2012 when it was first released! Fun starts at just $42,586 (+orc). Click here to learn more.
  • Hyundai Accent

    Hyundai Accent. Setting the small car benchmark.

    If you drive a small car, or are thinking about downsizing to a lower fuel use, more efficient smaller car for around town use, then you need to see the Hyundai Accent. This zippy little hot hatch has it all! Small on size but massive on features across the model range. Click here to find out more.

  • BMG Summer

    Drive your dream

    The Bowater Motor Group are ready to exceed your expectations, and make it possible to drive your dream today. A local, family owned company, we have been supporting the community since 1947 - and selling what we feel are the best cars the world has to offer, and servicing all makes and models from onsite workshops we are very proud of. We have a range second to none, with new cars in the yards from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, & Isuzu. There is something for everyone at every stage, new or used.
  • 2014 Honda Jazz

    The Honda Jazz Tops The Lists

    It's been massive for us at Bowater Honda. Infact it has been massive all across the globe.
    A brand new generation of Honda Jazz has arrived, with a youthful and stylish new shape, a wide range of options available from standard through to a super sporty Mugen version, a class leading new technology package, and a very affordable starting price of just $23,700. The whole world loves the new Honda Jazz, and here are some of the local awards for 2014 to prove it! Click here to learn more.

  • Santa Fe

    Hyundai Santa FE. Our favourite diesel family wagon, redefined.

    How do you improve on New Zealand’s favourite diesel family wagon?
    The answer is in the detail. This stylish 7 seater SUV has been redefined for living life to the full. So load up the family, load up the toys and get ready to embrace the great NZ outdoors with the all new, redefined Hyundai Santa Fe.

Drive your dream with Bowater's

Welcome to our virtual showroom. Step inside and see for yourself.

take our virtual tour

Welcome to the future.
We have created this great new feature to enable you to take a good look around our central Nelson showroom, Parts & Service Departments and even peak behind the curtain at the workshop - all from the comfort of your digital device, where ever you may be.

Simply click on the image above to get started. The 360 degree Virtual Tour will begin in a new window. Once it begins and loads the introduction you are away. It is easiest to use the arrow keys to navigate if you have a keyboard. Be sure to click on the icons as they contain special video, photo albums and more. Enjoy!

Adventure awaits on the Great Taste Trail on Sunday

Written by Media Manager.

Sunday 15th October is a great chance to get your children into the Kiwi Guardians programme.
This is a wonderful partnership between the Department of Conservation (DoC) and Toyota New Zealand. On a local level the team at Bowater Toyota are right behind it and are happily driving the programme right here in the Top of the South. 

A few months ago the Department of Conservation launched two new Kiwi Guardian Trails in the region, one at Sandeman Reserve on the Great Taste Bike Trail just west of Richmond, and another at Jimmy Lee Creek in the Richmond Foothills. Sunday 15th October is a great opportunity on the last weekend of the school holidays to come along and enjoy some fun activities as well as checking out the Kiwi Guardians Trail, and gaining the right to claim a Kiwi Guardians Medal.

sandeman event

We have been working with the local councils, along with the Top of the South Department of Conservation, in order to make sure that we can get the best use out of the Toyota Kiwi Guardians programme locally. This event is a great opportunity to get involved, do some activites, learn about our region, and do a Kiwi Guardian Trail, earning your kids the ability to claim a Kiwi Guardians Medal! Some of the team from Bowater Toyota will be on hand to help guide you through the process of signing your kids up online so that they can get really excited about all of the activities in the Kiwi Guardians Programme. 

Here is a map of the days events:

sandeman map

The event will be initially focused around the Sandeman Reserve area, with a great collection of folks coming together to provide some interesting and educational activities for the kids. Pack a picnic and bring your bikes - this is a great chance to do a really easy and accessible part of the Great Taste Bike Trail. 
You can find out more and register on the TDC website by clicking here.

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