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Honda HR-V. Small but perfectly formed.

2019 Honda HRV

The Honda HR-V, one of the world's top selling small, crossover SUVs, has just got even better with a more responsive drive and even better safety. Packed full of features and offering class-leading space, it's no surprise this SUV punches way above its weight.

Now available in a RS model for the first time, with exclusive RS sport kit and 18" RS alloys, RS tuned steering and suspension, the HR-V RS adds a sporty option to the model line-up.

For added peace of mind, every new HR-V comes with a 5 year warranty, unlimited kms and 24/7 national roadside assistance.

2019 Honda HRV

The most popular small SUV crossover offers loads of luxury and class-leading space for passengers and cargo.

Honda's unique Magic Seats are a testimony to the very best in ingenious design.
The back seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well, resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything.

HR-V has 5 Star ANCAP safety on all 2WD models and a 5 year Honda warranty across the range. With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be a HR-V that’s perfect for you.

The Honda HR-V  may be small in stature but it's large on looks. With the sleek lines of a coupe and the sporty side profile, there's a lot to like.
And yet looks aren't everything, the design has a purpose and the flowing lines and ridge detailing all serve to make the HR-V more aerodynamic.
Inside the HR-V is all you want and more – intuitively designed with everything within reach and little extras such as soft touch materials, stitched finishes and piano black detail add that touch of luxe.
The HR-V S represents great value at $29,990 +ORC

2019 honda HRV hero hnz magic seats

The Magic of Magic Seats.

Anyone who is familiar with the ingenious Magic Seats will know how versatile they are and how they can add to the cargo capacity. Those who don’t are in for a wonderful surprise as they discover these unique seats in the HR-V that configure in 18 different ways.
You can lift and flip up the rear-seat bottoms to create a cargo area from the floor to ceiling, which is perfect for transporting taller items like a flat-screen TV, bicycle or small potted tree.
This allows not only adjustments for greater passenger comfort and utility but also offers a potential 1,462 litre capacity of boot space.
(HR-V RS shown above with the bikes loaded)


The HR-V boasts a 1.8L i-VTEC engine which provides plenty of clout for this small, compact SUV.
It delivers a punchy 105kW of power and 172Nm of torque, coupled with the unique Earth Dreams CVT.
The technology allows for a responsive drive, yet ensures the engine is operating at its most efficient, which makes sure you have the power you need and the fuel economy you want.

City Brake Assist (CTBA)

Features Low Speed Collision Mitigation and False Start Prevention. Both are designed to help avoid or minimise low speed accidents, which occur most often in busy urban streets.
Low Speed Collision Mitigation operates while driving at a speed of 30km/h or less. The system warns the driver when it detects a high risk of collision. If the driver does not take action the system will apply the brakes automatically.
The False Start Prevention helps reduce accidents in situations where the driver accidentally steps on the accelerator instead of the brake, when they have been stationary or in very slow traffic (<10km/h).


The HR-V is equipped with safety features and technology achieving a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating.
Every HR-V 2WD is fitted with Electric Parking Brake, Electronic Brake Hold, Emergency Stop Signal, Hill Start Assist and Tyre Deflation Warning System for driver convenience and additional safety.
Electronic Brake Hold means you'll never have to spend your time stopped in traffic stepping on the brake pedal. Simply press the automatic Brake Hold button and the system will hold the HR-V in position without having your foot on the brake. The clever system automatically releases the brake when you press the accelerator.

The Honda HR-V Range - Starts From $29,990 +ORC

2019 Honda HRV S

Honda HR-V S $29,990 + orc
2WD SUV – 5 Door, 5 Fabric Seats
1.8L 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve i-VTEC Engine
City Brake Assist
16" Alloys

Lease from $390.00 +GST P/M
Finance from $130.00 +GST P/W

Honda HR-V Active $32,990 + orc

Honda HR-V Limited $35,500 + orc

Honda HR-V RS $37,500 + orc

Honda HR-V Sport $39,990 + orc


Prices accurate as of June 2019

Honda Jazz Hybrid - fits in more fun and cutting cost

You’ll be amazed at what you can fit into the Jazz Hybrid but you’ll be truly impressed by how much you get out of it. The all new Honda Jazz Hybrid is the perfect blend of small car efficiency, now even better with the hybrid IMA system creating a 30% fuel saving on the normal Honda Jazz; an already super fuel efficient car!

Honda Jazz Hybrid

Imagine an extra 292k’s from the same tank of gas*. That could be plenty of extra trips to Isel Park, or anywhere around this beautiful region for that matter.
With a spot of genius, Honda’s new Jazz Hybrid makes it all possible, and possibly also makes this the most versatile, hybrid electric car on the market. With Jazz, you are buying cool technology and getting a car that you can use all day, every day. Great around town or the highway, with space to pick up your 50” TV on the way home thanks to the impressive magic seats system.

Big space, little car, big life.
And all for a surprisingly low price, that doesn't cost the earth, infact it actually helps a little.

*292kms based on ADR fuel economy of 4.6 vs 6.7 L/100kms (standard Honda Jazz).


Jazz. By Honda. Batteries included. No cables required.

honda jazz hybrid

How do hybrids work?

This is an all too common question as more and more we are hearing about hybrid cars, and the need to use more fuel efficient vehicles. There are many different hybrid systems now on the market, but most do not require any need to plug the vehicle in. This is a common misconception. The Honda IMA Hybrid system for instance uses the vehicles own engine to produce electricity, which is then stored on board via advanced, modern battery systems.

The Honda IMA system is a smart way of introducing fuel efficiency with the combined use of a petrol and electric system. IMA stands for Integrated Motor Assist, and that is how this system works. It is a hybrid system that uses the electric motor to assist the petrol one, and is therefore smaller and lighter than some other hybrid systems, meaning great fuel economy.

Here is a great video explaining the Honda IMA system.

The Jazz Hybrid Everyday

Designing a car requires significant attention to driving pleasure, safety, engine performance and fuel efficiency. This drives the quality, reliability and excellence in a vehicle. Now more than ever, significant research and development is required to continuously improve the technology driving your car.

Honda pride themselves on being an R&D company, dedicated to continously developing new technology to make your drive more enjoyable, safer and better for the environment. That is why they stay at the forefront of automotive technology, constantly resetting the benchmark. So you can have a high quality, reliable vehicle that is a pleasure to own.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is a breeze to drive with a responsive IMA Hybrid engine, the ability to turn on a dime and swallow luggage that would choke many bigger cars.

With a seat system that folds 18 different ways, including completely flat, the Jazz Hybrid is economical, zippy and easy to drive. With a 30% improvement on fuel economy in the 1.5L petrol Jazz, it is the perfect way to fit in more fun.


Honda’s commitment to safety means pursuing safety targets above and beyond just regulatory safety standards. The result, the Honda Jazz was awarded the maximum 5 Star euro NCAP and 5 Star ANCAP safety ratings in its most recent tests.
This is no mean feat for a hatchback. The Jazz includes Honda’s unique Advanced Compatibility engineering (ACe) body passenger protection cell structure for G-Force control in a collision situation to protect passengers in real world situations. Also standard on the Jazz range are front, side and curtain airbags, electronic Stability Control (Honda’s VSA), ABS, EBD and EBA (electronic brake assist)

Honda Jazz - It's Jazz As!

It's full of fun and Packed full of features and starts at just $21,990*.

The new model Honda Jazz is here, with fresh new colours & sharp black detailing. Packed with features & technology you wouldn’t expect in a small car, including a 5 year, unlimited km Warranty & Roadside Assistance.

Choose from a Jazz S or Jazz RS, in one of the many colours, to suit your style. Add to the Jazz RS models to create the Jazz RS Sport or Jazz RS Mugen.

2019 honda Jazz S Limited YM18 2

The Award winning Honda Jazz is packed full of features, smart technology, and class leading space. Reversing camera, bluetooth, touchscreen, hill start assist, emergency stop signal, magic seats and parking sensors are standard across all of the range. 

2019 honda jazz RS Mugen FC

The new Honda Jazz is now filling our fresh showroom in Achilles Ave with bold splashes of colour and style. Not only is it quite something special to look at with it's dramatic new lines, but it is also packed with features you wouldn't expect in a small car.

One of the biggest pluses is the large interior space - it's class leading!

Fit it all in!The huge boot space of the new Honda Jazz. You can ideed fit in more fun!

You’ll be amazed at what you can fit into the Jazz, but you’ll be truly surprised by how much you get out of it. With a seat system that folds in 18 different ways, including completely flat, the Jazz has more luggage capacity than any car in its class. It’s the perfect way to fit in more fun, and may just well be your new best friend!

New honda jazz seat configurationThe Honda Jazz has magic seats that allow you to make the most of the space - there is even a "refresh mode" which turns the back seat into a couch!

At the beach, or at the mall, this great little car certainly punches well above it's weight, and gets people noticing. The colours are bold. The shape fresh.

2019 honda jazz colours

The Jazz’s new Earth Dreams Technology engine retains the same 1.5L displacement as the previous powerplant, but that's just about the only thing that carries over. As with the 1.3L, it utilises a DOHC valve train in conjunction with iVTEC and VTC. A host of other refinements have been made to optimise combustion, reduce weight and minimise friction. The result is an increase in both power and fuel efficiency.

1.3L Atkinson Cycle DOHC i-VTEC  - what is powering the Jazz.

The completely new 1.3L Atkinson Cycle DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) i-VTEC engine delivers 73kW and 119Nm of torque. Introducing elements of Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology, it greatly enhances both the driving performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

The DOHC valvetrain means greater performance in conjunction with i-VTEC and E-VTC (Electric Variable Timing Control). 
The Atkinson cycle engine coupled with the all new CVT transmission provides excellent fuel economy and driver enjoyment.
Fuel economy figures have also significantly improved due to the efficient nature of the Atkinson cycle layout, extensive friction reduction measures and drastic improvements in weight and lubrication in the CVT gearbox.
Fuel efficiency is improved by 1.5L per 100km. This equates to a more than 147km of extra driving per tank of petrol, even though the tank is 2 litres smaller than the previous model.

It’s a joy to be in with so much comfort surrounding you, you’ll feel right at home. Using the latest technology, it not only delivers you where you want to go, but delivers incredible fuel economy as well. The Jazz is a breeze to drive, ready to meet any challenge, and because it’s been designed in such a clever way, it can turn on a 5 cent piece and swallow luggage that would choke a bigger car.

2018 honda Jazz RS L Interior Front

The Honda Magic Seat system is quite remarkable automotive engineering.  The magic seats can be configured in 18 different ways, including completely flat, so the Honda Jazz is one of those small cars that is big on space, whilst still delivering incredible fuel economy.

The Honda Jazz is the perfect around town car - the mix of great fuel economy and the huge storage / cargo space is a total winner. And it looks very smart as well!
The best way to experience it in all of it's jazziness is to come and take it for a drive!

Honda JazzThe 2014 Honda Jazz outside the Nelson Yacht Club. We have plenty of this model now in our used yard. Click to enlarge.

(Information on this page updated & correct as of March 2019)

Meet the friendly Honda Team

2013-chrisbowater500Chris Bowater
Director. Bowater Motor Group

Chris is part of the 3rd generation of the Bowater family taking care of the family business and has lived in Nelson most of his life. He is passionate about his family and very active with many different local community organisations. 

Chris has been a Director at BMG since 2004; before that his previous role was with Air New Zealand in Christchurch.

His family comes first in his life, reflecting the Bowater philosophy of Family Values, and Value for Families.
In his spare time he enjoys movies, the gym, golf and travel - and Chris also plays rugby in the President's grade for the Nelson Rugby Football Club and Golden Oldies for the Buccaneers Club. Many will remember the first "Fight for Victory" charity boxing fund raiser for the Victory Boxing Club where Chris met the then Mayor of Nelson, Aldo Miccio, in the ring for 3 hard fought rounds!

Chris has recently discovered a love for mountain biking due to a school camp on the West Coast with his son Jacob - watch this space as his competitive spirit kicks in and he starts tackling some of the epic mountain biking trails and events that the top of the south is famous for.

Click here to read more about Chris or to contact him.

Bowater Honda Sales Team.

Ken AllanKen Allan
General Manager.

Many locals will recognise Ken from his years as the Golf Professional at Nelson Golf Course. He is the best man for the job when it comes to stacking up your company team at corporate golf tournaments that's for sure!

Ken joined the team at Bowater Honda in late 2015 as a sales consultant, moving into the GM role in late 2018. He has taken to the new role admirably, after picking up a great deal of product knowledge in the time he has been with us and becoming a Honda man through and through.

Ken has been instrumental in a couple of the key Bowater Honda Community Partnerships, notably the reconnection with the Nelson Golf Club and the Total Golf Pro Shop, as well as establishing the sponsorship programme with Tasman United Football. 

Ken has a friendly and down to earth approach to helping his customers into their next vehicle - and will happily give golf tips along the way!

2018 honda brendon500Brendon McQuinn
Sales Consultant.

Brendon came to the team in early 2018 after moving to the region from his hometown of Whangarei to be closer to his family. He has many years behind him in vehicle sales, coming from a used car sales background in the far north. He has had a love of Honda's since his first car, a "vintage" Honda Shuttle that had 10 million previous owners and no one could kill it. Many Honda's later, including an older Type R Civic, he is still a total Honda Fan.
Coming from a used car import background, Brendon liked the fact that Honda have always made reliable vehicles, so he always felt comfortable selling them no matter how many km's they have done. Selling new Honda's in Nelson is a perfect match - an amazing solid product backup up directly by the manufacturer. He is friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgable, so come and have a chat. 

Craig FenemorCraig Fenemor
Sales Consultant

Craig has returned to Bowater's in late 2018 after a year and a half away, this time entering the sales team at Bowater Honda. He is a familiar face from several years in the sales team at another of the Bowater businesses. 
Craig returned to his hometown of Nelson in 2014 after many years working in Australia. He comes into the motor vehicle industry with a passion for helping people find the car that they love, and that best suits their needs. 
Outside of cars, Craig has a great love for photography, having worked in that industry as well.  

Service & Admin Team

Geoff HornerGeoff Horner
Customer Care Manager

Geoff joined the Bowater Honda team in early 2018 having moved to the region from windy Wellington in late 2017 with his wife and young son.
In his former big city life Geoff and his wife owned a central city cafe, but decided on a shift to the quietier life in Nelson where passions such as mountain biking could be better pursued, along with being a lot closer to his immediate family in the top of the south.  
Also a keen skier Geoff and his family can often be found on the slopes in winter, and the beaches in the summer. 

Jenni RichardsonJenni Richardson
Service Advisor

Jenni joined the Service Team in the winter of 2018, having been a loyal customer for many years!
She moved to Nelson from Auckland in 2011 for a work promotion as a serving Police Officer (with a career spanning 25 years) before leaving the Force in 2016. Jenni has since worked for the Ministry for Social Development in Wellington and here in Nelson, before taking up her current role with Bowater Honda.
Jenni loves living in Nelson, loves working for Bowater Honda, and also loves craft beer (especially hoppy IPA's), so she is very happy to be living where we grow some of the best hops in the world. 

Chris BurlesChris Burles

Chris started with us in May 2018 as our Service Customer Vehicle Groomer.
He is the one responsible for maintaining our high standards when it comes to adding value to our Bowater Honda Service Experience.
He is a former truck driver with many years driving the roads of the wild west coast.
In his spare time he is a keen kayaker and mounatin biker - with the new Ghost Road Mountain Bike Trail high on the bucket list! 


Pam HoggPam Hogg
Office Administrator

Pam was born in Nelson, and moved back to the region with her parents when she was just 15, and has lived here ever since.

Pam and her husband have 3 grown children and grandchildren, love the climate in Nelson and spend as much time as they can down in the Marlborough Sounds fishing and enjoying all that the Top of The South offers.

Pam has been with the Bowater Motor Group since 1996, and knows all of the ins and outs of Bowater Honda.
If you have a question, or are looking for something, Pam knows where to find it, or how to get the answer!