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Drive your dream with Bowater Toyota

Let's not beat around the bush. Reputations are earnt the hard way.

hilux forestry

The locals love the Toyota Hilux. It has been the regions top selling new vehicle for a very long time. There is a reason for that. We live in a demanding area, and the vehicles we need to use on the land need to be tough enough to cope. The Toyota Hilux has proved time and time again that it is, that is why the companies that rely on it keep coming back. Click here to learn more about the all new 2016 Toyota Hilux. 

A Bearing In The Pantanal. The Team Seagate story at the 2015 Adventure Racing World Championships

151201-booksigning-weNathan Fa'avae back at home in Tasman signing his autobiography. Click to enlarge.

It is with much honour and privilege that we are able to share this remarkable story with the users of our website.
We have joined with Nathan on his Adventure Racing World Championship journey over the last couple of years and are delighted to be able to call him a friend. He has attended our company celebrations, given amazing and inspiration talks to some of our customers at vehicle launches and is the best brand ambassador anyone could ever hope for. 

Continue on to read this epic tale firsthand of his teams remarkable win, the trials and tribulations on the trail, and the sense of adventure he brings to the journey. Please support him as he transitions from a back to back World Champion Adventure Athlete into the next evolution of himself by buying his autobiography (click here). He is an inspirational man, and one the region can be ever so proud of. 

Team Seagate is in Brazil defending their 3rd World Championships

nathan faavae and his hiluxNathan Fa'avae at the Nelson airport about to head away earlier in the week - the excess baggage on the Hilux might be a little much... click to enlarge

Nathan Fa'avae is a very determined man. He is also tough as nails and super dependable - that is why our support of him and his mighty Hilux is a great match - they both just go and go and go!

Nathan is also a multiple World Champ at Adventure Racing - a sport that often requires athletes to endure 3-5 (or sometimes longer) days continuously racing other teams in the most extreme places in extreme conditions with minimal gear. It is amazing to say the least when you start diving into this world to think that we have an icon of what could arguably be the world's toughest sport, living on our doorstep!

So here we are. In under 2 days Nathan and his team, Team Seagate, will be defending their title in an attempt to make it 3 in a row. What is Nathan doing as a part of his preparation? Sending emails and pictures to his sponsors! This guy is awesome, and it is this determination and dedication that gets him to where he needs with the help of sponsors who can share in his journey as it happens!

Check out his pre race report below. It is inspiring.

Team Seagate hits the wilds of Africa

Team Seagate in Africa.
Captain's Report from Nathan Fa'avae


I am writing to let you know we are about to start the Expedition Africa, 500km Adventure Race. We have had an enjoyable week adjusting to the climate, time zone and local region. It’s a lot warmer than in New Zealand and the rest has got us in a good zone for the race.

The event is also round two of the AR World Series, we won round one at the Godzone race in Kaikoura (NZ) in March this year.

This race is shaping up to be a great adventure and race. There is a full field of 40-teams representing thirteen nations. It quite possibly the most competitive field outside of the World Championships in Ecuador in November, which is our ultimate goal this year.

The event starts and finishes from Port Edward on the Wild South Coast, referred to locally as the ‘Paradise of the Zulu Kingdom’.

Our goal is to win the race. None of the teams entered have beaten us before but we won’t be complacent about that. We perceive last years winner Team Haglofs Silva as a main contender, plus Southern African teams Painted Wolf and Merrell Adventure Addicts. While there are also some other strong teams, we expect the bulk to the competition to come from these three teams.

Meet the Bowater Toyota Team

Meet Christie, one of our friendly Service Administrators

toyota 2018 nsn christie

Christie Gerrish joined Bowater Toyota in the winter of 2018, as a part of the NMIT Business Administration Scholarship programme, and was one of the friendly faces in the main reception for the store. She has since moved to the very busy Service Department in the central Nelson store, and is one of the admin team working to keep everything in order. 

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