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The Honda signs come down in Rutherford Street.

Written by Media Manager.

The Honda signs have come down to go back up shortly just down the road.

This week some big changes in the Bowater Motor Group have become quite obvious, and no longer are just something being quietly planned and discussed within the group. Now it is all right out there as the Bowater Honda signs have come down from the building on one of Nelson's busiest intersections - Rutherford and Hardy Streets.

This is probably causing a few questions around town and quiet murmerings as to what is going on. The long and the short of it is that Bowater Honda is moving in the New Year to a more centrally located building in Achilles Ave that is being rennovated as we speak to create a stunning new showroom.

The team from The Little Pig Building Company have done a wonderful job on converting one of the groups new vehicle preparation buildings into a purpose designed new Honda showroom.

The decision to move Bowater Honda up the road to the new location in the entrance to the Wakatu Carpark is all part of a bigger plan which will ultimately see the Bowater Motor Group add another string or two to it's bow.

Sheryl takes the CRV to Golden Bay for an action packed weekend!

Written by Media Manager.

When it comes to knowing the product you are selling what better way to describe a vehicle's actual real world performance than to personally experience it.
Bowater Honda's new salesperson Sheryl Wearing discusses her recent trip over to Golden Bay for a weekend away, and shares some beautiful photos of a stunning part of the country, made all the more accessible by the "up for anything" Honda CRV.

The CRV in Golden Bay

"The opportunity to drive the 2013 4WD 2.4N Honda Sport CR-V to Golden Bay was ideal particularly as getting to Cape Farewell Horse Treks included both sealed & gravel roads, the steep Takaka hill plus several long straights. As a woman used to smaller around town cars rather than bigger 4WD SUV's I was initially a little nervous, but this was quickly eased once inside the comfortable and beautifully laid out car.

Bowater Honda has the insight to sort out the Chamber of Commerce.

Written by Media Manager.

131128-chamberMichelle McCree from the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce picking up the keys to the new Honda Insight from Honda Sales Manager Nick D'Evereux.

Last week we had the pleasure of handing the keys over to a brand new Honda Insight hybrid. The lucky recipients were none other than the lovely folks at the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce no less.

Part of Bowater Honda's support of community causes and projects also extends to the likes of the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce. This group works hard to ensure that the economy of the top of the south remains firmly on the positive side of the ledger.

We firmly believe in their core philosophy of wanting to make Nelson Tasman the best place to live and the best place to do business.

The Chamber makes it easier to do business.  They’re experts at creating connections, leveraging off everyone's natural business advantages and regional strengths, and bringing national and regional expertise into the ‘room’ so local business people benefit. Aside from the vital services they provide they also facilitate a series of evening meetings to allow businesses to get together in a casual yet structured environment.

Bowater Honda bowls over the president with $300

Written by Media Manager.

Bowater Honda Sales manager Nick D'evereux with Stoke Bowling President Alan Johnson.


Bowater Honda is proud of it's long attachment to the Stoke Bowling Club. We have been a supporter of the club since opening way back in 2005.

These days we value the local bowling community and take every opportunity to give back to it. A few weeks ago we sponsored the Classic Fours Competition at the club and came along to present the prizes to the winners and generally entertain everybody with the children that came along with us to have a go.

Someone there obviously took a shine to us, and came down to Bowater Honda a short while later and bought a car. When someone affiliated with the Stoke Bowling Club does this, and lets us know by way of presenting the vouchers we give out at events such as the Classic Fours, we donate $300 back to the club as a "thankyou".  The least we can do.

Keep up the good work Alan, and keep letting your club members know that Bowater Honda is backing them!

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