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Bowater Honda are growing fast, and are looking for a new team member

Written by Media Manager.

The chance has presented itself to join the team at Bowater Honda.

Bowater Honda have had a fantastic run since moving into the new showroom in Achilles Ave, in the heart of central Nelson. Sales have been booming, especially with the new generation Honda Jazz just flying out the door as fast as we can get test drives and trades done.

This unprecented scale of growth has meant that Bowater Honda are now looking for a Sales Support / Customer Services Sales Person to join our busy team in our modernised and centrally located Honda Franchise dealership.

The right person will be highly motivated with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. A self starter that is a real people person that enjoys the satisfaction of exceeding the expectations of those that they meet. The kind of person that lights up a room, or is everyone's mate. Someone keen to get started in the motor industry, keen to learn new skills, and keen to fit in with an established long term team. They will also ideally be quite computer literate, super friendly and having a prior mechanical experience will be a definite advantage that will make life for all a whole lot easier.

The role is a Sales Support & Customer Services one across several different departments within the busy local Honda franchise. This means that there will be a lot to learn, but also a lot of diversity in your new job.

If you are looking for a change, or know someone that is, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email your details confidentially to Nick D'Evereux, or you can mail them to Nick at:

Bowater Honda
82 Achilles Ave

Honda is a long established brand, with a great reputation and an excellent product that continues to win awards in NZ as well as the rest of the world. The Bowater Motor Group have a long association with Honda New Zealand and we are proud to be flying the Honda flag. 

Barry shows us how to nail a great fuel rating in his new Honda Jazz

Written by Media Manager.

Barry Staples 

Barry Staples has a trick or two up his sleeve it would seem.

This clever hyper-miler has been getting some quite remarkable fuel efficiency figures from his new, bright yellow, 2014 Honda Jazz.

On paper this 1.3L automatic compact car is said to be able to achieve 5.2L/100km of fuel consumption within mixed driving parameters - meaning mixed driving between city and the open road.

Barry has got the proof to say much much better is possible!

He lives a little bit out of town and does the perfect mix of open road and city driving, and still manages to achieve a quite respectable 3.9L/100km, and here is the proof!

Kiwi legend Sharon O'Neill comes home with a dragon but can't do without her Jazz

Written by Media Manager.

sharon o'neill
Rock icon Sharon O'Neill picking up her Honda Jazz at Bowater Honda with sales manager Nick D'Evereux.

Nelson has had a few musical claims to fame over the last couple of decades but they all pale in comparison to kiwi icon, and ex Nelsonian, music superstar Sharon O'Neill.

Today the team at Bowater Honda had the opportunity to share some time with Sharon and her partner Alan Mansfield (also a world class musician in his own right) as we helped them out, and got them into a Honda Jazz for the week they are back in town for Sharon's concert at the Rutherford Hotel this weekend. 

Sharon and Alan love the Honda Jazz they have back in Sydney. Like really love it. Sharon raves about the magic seats, the nimble nature of the car on the street's of a big city, and the ability to pack it full of music gear and zip around from place to place. These days both Sharon and Alan nearly always work together, and as they move two keyboards in cases, the stands and stools, they can just "break that sucker down" (her words) and fit it all in. It is even "Rock' n' Roll Black" (her words). They are both big fans of Honda's and have a long list of vehicles that Alan duely rattles off.

When we heard this little fact on the grapevine we got in touch with Sharon and offered her and Alan a Honda Jazz to zip around in. What else do you do when rockstar royalty such as this comes to town. Well there was a little more we could do as it turns out.

Bowater Honda's Nick is not above faking it according to one customer.

Written by Media Manager.

Bowater Honda Sales Manager Nick D'evereux with the card he received thanking him for his perseverance.

A thankyou card accidently came into the media department here at the Bowater Motor Group recently that was so sweet that we had to share it.

Bowater Honda's Sales Manager Nick D'Evereux eventually had the pleasure of receiving a lovely letter of thanks from recent customer Lynn and her husband once we had finished with it. 

The letter is artfully written and details a series of events that conspired to convince Lynn that the newly traded red Honda Jazz was indeed just right for her.

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