The Prius Challenge


How Green are you?
Can you break free from your habits & Win a week in the new 2012 Toyota Prius?

Welcome to the 2012 Toyota Prius Challenge. A challenge where we ask you a simple question, how fuel efficient a driver are you? We will put you in the car, guide you around our course, and pit your eco score against those of other test drivers.

The all new 2012 Toyota Prius C offers the whole package - not only is it part of the the greenest car family there is, but it is also very affordable, and very easy to drive.
One of the differences with this car is the driver feedback you get from the car. There are a couple of new features here which will actually change your driving habits. It is these new features which immediately impressed us and got us thinking about how best to let you all know about it - and the 2012 Toyota Prius Challenge was born!

The toyota prius c - a car that makes it easy to save fuel, money and the planet!

The all new 202 Toyota Prius C is a turning point for hybrid cars and the mainstream car market. It is the first full hybrid that is actually cheaper to own than alot of non hybrids in the same urban, compact class. At a starting price of just $30,990 it is cheaper than NZ's favourite car, the Toyota Corolla (the range starts with the GX Hatch from $34,490) with a fuel efficiency that will blow your socks off. With some practice, and some tips you would be amazed at how quickly you can bring that already great fuel efficiency down even further!

In order to get as many people behind the wheel of this ground breaking new hybrid we have come up with the Prius Challenge - a competition to appeal to everyone's competitive nature, and the chance to trade half an hour of your time for perhaps winning the use of the Prius C for a whole week, complete with a free tank of petrol!
During June 2012 the Prius Challenge will be in Motueka.


Even though the chance to win the Prius C for a week has now past, you can still take the Prius Challenge and see how green a driver you can be, and see if you can get your score onto the Leader Board.

How Can I Take the challenge?

All you have to do is come down to Bowater Toyota and ask the sales team for a Prius Challenge test drive.
The 2012 Prius C will be available every day for the challenge at Bowater Toyota between 12-3pm. Call us on 0800 269-283 to book your place. The Prius Challenge will be available in Nelson during May and in Motueka during June.
They will take you around our Prius Challenge course, during which you can monitor and adjust your driving according to the onboard eco displays on the dashboard. At the end of the course your fuel consumption for the trip will display on an info screen, along with some other useful tidbits. The top 10 scores will go onto the Top 10 graph in the car so that other drivers will know just what the benchmark is. Back in the showroom we will put you onto our Prius Challenge Eco Wall - the most fuel efficient driver during the month of May will win the use of the all new 2012 Prius C for a week.


The Prius Challenge Motueka Course.

View Prius Challenge, Motueka in a larger map

The course starts at Bowater Toyota and runs south down High Street back out to the Toad Hall round about.
From there you continue south on High Street down to a west turn into Wildman Road, and then turn left at the next intersection to head south on the Moutere highway.
The "hill stage" is a short but steep climb up School Road to the top of the ridge, then a quick u-turn in the farmers stock yard before returning down School Road.
Head north to Robinson Road and make your way out to the Coastal Highway to get in some "highway cruising" and back along High Street to Bowater Toyota.
Total course is about 12.5km and will take about 15 minutes.

The Prius Challenge Nelson Course.


The course is one which will test everyone as it has a little bit of everything in it - a nice hill up and over Russell Street, some open road highway driving along Queen Elizabeth 2 Drive, and some inner city driving back to Bowater Toyota.
We will always do the same course, so that everyone has got the same chance at being crowned the most eco of drivers, and winning the use of the 2012 Toyota Prius for a week.


The fine print.

You must be over the age of 25 to win this prize, and have a full, unrestricted drivers license.
The prize consists of the use of the 2012 branded Toyota Prius C for 1 week, picked up from Bowater Toyota (contact details) Monday complete with a full tank of petrol.
The Nelson competition runs during May 2012 with the winner announced Friday 1st June at 9am on our facebook page.
The Motueka competition runs during June 2012 with the winner announced Monday 2nd July at 9am on our facebook page.

Winners must be available for promotional photographs and interviews regarding their experience, and the overall experience of driving the 2012 Prius C for a week.