May's BMG Good Sort - Milo and the Sea Cadets

This month we are excited and pleased to present a hard working local with another round of the BMG Good Sorts award.

Milo Coldren volunteers hours of his time to help the youth of Nelson.

He runs the TS Talisman Sea Cadet Unit. This takes him away from his wife and 2 small children, sometimes 2 evenings a week and weekends.

The youths learn to sail, shoot and attain a great sense of self-discipline.

He judges the kids well and knows how to encourage, when to stand back and let them learn, and when to bring in outside help. He is helping create all-round contributing citizens.

The Unit started small with 6 cadets and in debt (after fire almost ended the unit). They are now close to 40 cadets, and are doing well, winning last year’s national regatta.

Over the coming weeks we will track down Milo for a chat about his work with the Sea Cadets, and present him with his $200 restaurant voucher.