Cancer Society Nelson picks up their new sponsored vehicle

Cancer Society Nelson Centre Manager Linda Lucre with Bowater Toyota CEO Tony Bowater.

We recently had the pleasure to catch up with Cancer Society Nelson Centre Manager Linda Lucre as she arrived to pick up the freshly signwritten Toyota Avensis station wagon for the local branch.

Bowater Toyota are pleased to be able help this hard working local charity into a more modern vehicle which will not only deliver a greater level of safety to those driving it, but also save the centre money with the reduced fuel costs.

The Cancer Society Nelson does a tremendous amount in the community, supporting both family members and those on the cancer journey. This is a vital and valuable role as this disease seems to touch so many more families these days, and support is something everyone can always do with more of.

The Cancer Society is a partially governement funded charity, so there is still a great need to support this organisation as much as we collectively can. Nationally they are the leading organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand.

They are also the leading cancer patient advocate service in New Zealand, providing a voice on all kinds of issues including cancer detection and treatment. All money raised locally stays locally, so there is a great incentitive to help this much needed organisation as much as possible, as one day you, or someone you know might be in need of some of their services.

You can learn more about all of the wonderful support the Cancer Society Nelson does, and how you can help, at their website (click here) and remember to support them on Daffodil Day Friday 29th August.