Our environmental commitment

drivingHere at Bowater Toyota we are committed to caring for our environment, the safety of our employees and the health of the communities where we conduct our business.
We have created an Environmental Policy which all of our employees are aware of, understand, and are accountable for complying with this Policy.
It is very important to us that we do as much as possible to ensure that our business has positive environmental practises, and saves resources where ever it can. Once we started down this path it took everyone by surprise just how easy it was and how much we collectively saved.

Bowater Toyota has also some innovative programmes in place which not only enable the recycling of potentially toxic materials, but also give back to the community at the same time. We have started an "Eco Fund" - essentially a fund we have set up to be distributed to local environmentally based charities from the monies collected from the vehicle battery recycling programme we have in place.

We are very pleased and proud be wear the Gold Enviro-Mark® badge.
This means that we have been certified according to exacting standards to be environmentally friendly and have comprehensive best practises in place to make sure that our business treads lightly on the environment.


What is Enviro-Mark®?


New Zealand's original environmental certification programme, Enviro-Mark® provides the resources and support you need to implement a credible and effective environmental management system.

The five-step Enviro-Mark® programme helps us to identify and reduce our environmental impacts, save money, and understand our legal obligations. Getting and maintaining the green advantage has provided us with an advantage.

We understand environmental management and the investment make in improving our organisation. This comes with both opportunities and challenges, but with our enthusiasm and commitment, and the tools and support from Enviro-Mark®, we are definitely headed in the right direction.

Keep it simple - the Enviro-Mark ® way.

The key to Enviro-Mark® is that they keep things simple. They provide easy-to-use checklists, backed up by practical support through workshops, seminars, question sessions and consultancy services.

Importantly, the Enviro-Mark® programme is owned and managed by Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute at the forefront of organisational sustainability. They have offices in Auckland and Christchurch, supporting almost 200 members, providing advice and resources, and organising training workshops and seminars.

Landcare Research has held the New Zealand licence for Enviro-Mark® since 2001.
To learn more about Enviro-Mark® you can click here to go to their website.


Bowater Toyota Environmental Policy.

  • We sell vehicles designed using "life cycle analysis" which minimises their environmental impacts during production, use on the road and eventual disposal.

  • We are participants in Enviro-Mark ® NZ and are independantly audited to ensure high standards of environmental performance and a safe workplace.

  • We conduct our business in compliance with all relevant local, regional and national regulations and industry codes.

  • We have identified our operational impacts and apply continuous improvement in reducing them, including:
    • the efficient use of energy, resources and water;
    • preventing pollution and reducing waste
    • the safe removal, storage, handling, recycling, and disposal of hazardous materials; and
    • producures to avoid and correct accidents or spillages;

  • We have appointed Chris Westley as our "Environmental Champion'  to regularly review and improve our operations;

  • We aim to raise the environmental understanding and actions of our employees with appropriate information, training and support.