Only the best car brands.

Buying a new car is a massive decision.
It will be the biggest asset most people will spend their hard earned money on next to owning their house.

Kiwi's love their cars, and are passionate about them. More so they are passionate about buying reliability, and feeling that they have got real value for money.

Since 1947 The Bowater Motor Group has been a leading light in the region when it comes to selling and servicing new cars to the wonderful people at the top of the South. 
We have had a great number of different franchises over the years and have learnt some valuable lessons over this long history, which is why we have got the franchises that we have. Toyota, Honda & Hyundai represent the class leaders in automotive design, construction and reliability. You can totally rely on the quality of these cars. If you are looking towards the top of the range, you can't go past Lexus. To experience a Lexus is to experience pure luxury and performance. Isuzu is a powerful market leader in truck sales worldwide. It is the world's largest diesel engine manufacturer, the largest truck builder and Japan's oldest vehicle manufacturer. They make the only ute made by truck makers.

In April 2010 the Bowater Motor Group added Geely to its already impressive portfolio of quality motor vehicle franchises thereby enhancing and expanding their total motor vehicle solutions available to the local community. The brand new Geely MK model represents a revolution in new car value in New Zealand, and is now available from the Bowater Motor Group.

What makes a successful car dealership is it's staff. Our staff are extremely loyal, with many in the group having been with the company for well over 10 years. Peter, the Service & Parts Manager for Bowater Honda has been with the company for all three generations of the Bowater family that have been involved with the businesses!