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    If you drive a small car, or are thinking about downsizing to a lower fuel use, more efficient smaller car for around town use, then you need to see the Hyundai Accent. This zippy little hot hatch has it all! Small on size but massive on features across the model range. We have a wide range of quality used vehicles like this one in our central Nelson Yard. Click here to find out more.

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    Toyota 86: On the Right Track!

    The Toyota 86 is a legend in the making. It is a return to the pure fun of driving. Rear wheel, front engined with a very low centre of gravity. It has been winning Car of the Year awards all over the world, including being named the Top Gear Car of 2012 when it was first released! Fun starts when you press the button. Click here to learn more. New or used, Bowater Toyota can put you on the right track!
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    The Bowater Motor Group are ready to exceed your expectations, and make it possible to drive your dream today. A local, family owned company, we have been supporting the community since 1945 - and selling what we feel are the best cars the world has to offer, and servicing all makes and models from onsite workshops we are very proud of. We have a range second to none, with new cars in the showrooms from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, & Isuzu. There is something for everyone, at every stage, new or used.

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Ever since our humble beginnings in downtown Nelson in 1945 the Bowater Motor Group has been very focused on community involvement. We believe that you are only ever as successful as the support that you can give back. It is with this philosophy that we continue to be as involved as we can be in the wider Nelson / Tasman community.
This section of the website houses stories, links and content from a collective of organisations and events that we are involved with or support through sponsorship or partnerships.

The menu to the right has got comprehensive articles from those events, organisations and charities that we regularly involved with, click on the menu items to read more, or scroll down this page to keep up with events as they unfold.

If you think you have an event, organisation or group that would benefit from our community interest feel free to contact us.

A Bearing In The Pantanal. The Team Seagate story at the 2015 Adventure Racing World Championships

151201-booksigning-weNathan Fa'avae back at home in Tasman signing his autobiography. Click to enlarge.

It is with much honour and privilege that we are able to share this remarkable story with the users of our website.
We have joined with Nathan on his Adventure Racing World Championship journey over the last couple of years and are delighted to be able to call him a friend. He has attended our company celebrations, given amazing and inspiration talks to some of our customers at vehicle launches and is the best brand ambassador anyone could ever hope for. 

Continue on to read this epic tale firsthand of his teams remarkable win, the trials and tribulations on the trail, and the sense of adventure he brings to the journey. Please support him as he transitions from a back to back World Champion Adventure Athlete into the next evolution of himself by buying his autobiography (click here). He is an inspirational man, and one the region can be ever so proud of. 

Team Seagate is in Brazil defending their 3rd World Championships

nathan faavae and his hiluxNathan Fa'avae at the Nelson airport about to head away earlier in the week - the excess baggage on the Hilux might be a little much... click to enlarge

Nathan Fa'avae is a very determined man. He is also tough as nails and super dependable - that is why our support of him and his mighty Hilux is a great match - they both just go and go and go!

Nathan is also a multiple World Champ at Adventure Racing - a sport that often requires athletes to endure 3-5 (or sometimes longer) days continuously racing other teams in the most extreme places in extreme conditions with minimal gear. It is amazing to say the least when you start diving into this world to think that we have an icon of what could arguably be the world's toughest sport, living on our doorstep!

So here we are. In under 2 days Nathan and his team, Team Seagate, will be defending their title in an attempt to make it 3 in a row. What is Nathan doing as a part of his preparation? Sending emails and pictures to his sponsors! This guy is awesome, and it is this determination and dedication that gets him to where he needs with the help of sponsors who can share in his journey as it happens!

Check out his pre race report below. It is inspiring.

A ride along opportunity with St John's and thoughts on why we need to support such organisations.

St Johns ChallengeTony Bowater and Jock Stewart getting ready for the night shift. Click to enlarge.

St John's is one of those organisations you really don't wish to have to deal with, but when the need arises you are so glad to have them turn up.
They have been a backbone of our community in times of need since 1885, when lives were vastly different to how they are now, but the reality is still very much the same.
When an accident happens and someone is injured who do you call?

What most people do not realise is that the modern Order of St John's is a charitable organisation, relying on the goodwill of the community to support it. In today's fast paced, hectic and financially complex world this means charities such as St John's have to work really hard to make some noise and attract sponsorship and funding.
As you can imagine the business of running a comprehensive emergency response capacity is hugely expensive.

At the end of August we joined some of the other business leaders for the First Response Challenge briefing. St John had invited this group of eight together to challenge them to ride along one by one on an average night shift with one of their First Response team, to see first hand what the organisation did for our community.
We quickly discovered one of the major complexities faced by the local St John is that our Nelson / Tasman region is the largest geographical one in the country, and the distances that need to be covered by a small team are vast. What the St John crew find when they turn up to a callout also varies a large degree as they are often the first response on the scene of many incidents, accidents and medical emergencies. Not put off by this the business leaders set about getting up to speed with what was required of them as "official observers" in a sometimes emotionally charged situation. 

Buy a new car from Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu and you could help the Victory Boxing Gym as well.

150512-victory-cashdonationPaul Hampton (Victory Boxing Programme Director), Chris Bowater (CEO Bowater Hyundai & Bowater Isuzu) with Victory Boxing Charitable Trust Chairman and Gibbons Holdings Chief Executive Scott Gibbons.Chris Bowater, CEO of Bowater Hyundai and Bowater Isuzu, has got quite a soft spot for the Victory Boxing Charitable Trust, and all of the life changing work it does with youth in our community.

He first put his hand up and step into the ring in the inagural Fight 4 Victory Boxing Extravaganza back in 2013, and is now offering anyone who purchases any vehicle from Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu the chance to give back to Victory Boxing by donating $300 from the sale to the gym.

The idea is really simple. All you have to do is head along to Victory Boxing in Vanguard Street and pick up a voucher to take to Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu on the corner of Rutherford and Hardy Street's. Once you have found the car you are looking for, present the voucher to the sales team, sort out the purchase and Chris Bowater will write a cheque out to the Victory Boxing Charitable Trust that runs the gym to the tune of $300! 

He has already written one cheque out in the first days of the partnership after Gibbons Holdings bought a car from him and then bought the voucher along to help the gym. 

"This is a genuine thing. We give $300 above anything else because I love what they are doing" says Chris.

"If you are looking for a car, and like what Victory Boxing are doing, you'll at least come in the door and have a look. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal, and that it fits your needs, but if we can do a deal that works best for the customer, it will also benefit Victory Boxing" he says.

"Hopefully it will all add up over the year. I would love to give thousands of dollars away!"

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