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  • Santa Fe

    Hyundai Santa FE. Our favourite diesel family wagon, redefined.

    How do you improve on New Zealand’s favourite diesel family wagon?
    The answer is in the detail. This stylish 7 seater SUV has been redefined for living life to the full. So load up the family, load up the toys and get ready to embrace the great NZ outdoors with the all new, redefined Hyundai Santa Fe.

  • 2014 Honda Jazz

    The Honda Jazz Tops The Lists

    It's been massive for us at Bowater Honda. Infact it has been massive all across the globe.
    A brand new generation of Honda Jazz has arrived, with a youthful and stylish new shape, a wide range of options available from standard through to a super sporty Mugen version, a class leading new technology package, and a very affordable starting price of just $23,700. The whole world loves the new Honda Jazz, and here are some of the local awards for 2014 to prove it! Click here to learn more.

  • Hyundai Accent

    Hyundai Accent. Setting the small car benchmark.

    If you drive a small car, or are thinking about downsizing to a lower fuel use, more efficient smaller car for around town use, then you need to see the Hyundai Accent. This zippy little hot hatch has it all! Small on size but massive on features across the model range. Click here to find out more.

  • toyota 86

    Toyota 86: Funs' Back!

    The all new Toyota 86 is a legend in the making. It is a return to the pure fun of driving. Rear wheel, front engined with a very low centre of gravity. It has been winning Car of the Year awards all over the world, including being named the Top Gear Car of 2012 when it was first released! Fun starts at just $42,586 (+orc). Click here to learn more.
  • BMG Summer

    Drive your dream

    The Bowater Motor Group are ready to exceed your expectations, and make it possible to drive your dream today. A local, family owned company, we have been supporting the community since 1947 - and selling what we feel are the best cars the world has to offer, and servicing all makes and models from onsite workshops we are very proud of. We have a range second to none, with new cars in the yards from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, & Isuzu. There is something for everyone at every stage, new or used.

Drive your dream with Bowater's

Let's not beat around the bush. Reputations are earnt the hard way.

hilux forestry

The locals love the Toyota Hilux. It has been the regions top selling new vehicle for a very long time. There is a reason for that. We live in a demanding area, and the vehicles we need to use on the land need to be tough enough to cope. The Toyota Hilux has proved time and time again that it is, that is why the companies that rely on it keep coming back. Click here to learn more about the all new 2016 Toyota Hilux. 

Ever since our humble beginnings in downtown Nelson in 1945 the Bowater Motor Group has been very focused on community involvement. We believe that you are only ever as successful as the support that you can give back. It is with this philosophy that we continue to be as involved as we can be in the wider Nelson / Tasman community.
This section of the website houses stories, links and content from a collective of organisations and events that we are involved with or support through sponsorship or partnerships.

The menu to the right has got comprehensive articles from those events, organisations and charities that we regularly involved with, click on the menu items to read more, or scroll down this page to keep up with events as they unfold.

If you think you have an event, organisation or group that would benefit from our community interest feel free to contact us.

Buy a new car from Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu and you could help the Victory Boxing Gym as well.

Written by Media Manager.

150512-victory-cashdonationPaul Hampton (Victory Boxing Programme Director), Chris Bowater (CEO Bowater Hyundai & Bowater Isuzu) with Victory Boxing Charitable Trust Chairman and Gibbons Holdings Chief Executive Scott Gibbons.Chris Bowater, CEO of Bowater Hyundai and Bowater Isuzu, has got quite a soft spot for the Victory Boxing Charitable Trust, and all of the life changing work it does with youth in our community.

He first put his hand up and step into the ring in the inagural Fight 4 Victory Boxing Extravaganza back in 2013, and is now offering anyone who purchases any vehicle from Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu the chance to give back to Victory Boxing by donating $300 from the sale to the gym.

The idea is really simple. All you have to do is head along to Victory Boxing in Vanguard Street and pick up a voucher to take to Bowater Hyundai or Bowater Isuzu on the corner of Rutherford and Hardy Street's. Once you have found the car you are looking for, present the voucher to the sales team, sort out the purchase and Chris Bowater will write a cheque out to the Victory Boxing Charitable Trust that runs the gym to the tune of $300! 

He has already written one cheque out in the first days of the partnership after Gibbons Holdings bought a car from him and then bought the voucher along to help the gym. 

"This is a genuine thing. We give $300 above anything else because I love what they are doing" says Chris.

"If you are looking for a car, and like what Victory Boxing are doing, you'll at least come in the door and have a look. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal, and that it fits your needs, but if we can do a deal that works best for the customer, it will also benefit Victory Boxing" he says.

"Hopefully it will all add up over the year. I would love to give thousands of dollars away!"

Presenting the 2014 Bowater Toyota EcoFund Cheque to happy and healthy KEGS kids

Written by Media Manager.

Presenting the EcoFund ChequeTony Bowater (right) presenting the $2000 Bowater Toyota EcoFund Cheque to Don McLean (far left - Hampden St School) and Karen Driver (far right - NEC). Click to enlarge.

Tony Bowater was very excited to be able to present a $2000 cheque to Nelson Environment Centre from this years round of funding from the Bowater Toyota EcoFund. The venue for this cheque presentation was chosen to be Hampden Street School, one of the schools involved in the K.E.G.S (Kids Edible gardens in Schools) programme.

Hampden Street school has been very passionate about the K.E.G.S programme, with a large group of students very engaged with the programme. After presenting the cheque to Karen Driver (via the kids) we spent some time chatting to the students about the impact such a programme has had on their everyday lives. Many now had vege gardens at home, encouraging their parents to get involved and create a fun family activity that also produced produce! 

Garin College christens their new van

Written by BMG Media.

Garin College's new vanGarin College's new van gets a workout loaded up with pupils and kayaks. Click to enlarge

We recently received a wonderful email from Robert Booth, Director of Boarding at the Garin College Hostel. He wanted to let us know just how pleased the hostel, and Garin College, is at the continued support Bowater Toyota have offered the college, and the great end results of that support. Along with the email was this wonderdul photo of the ADL Class about to head away for a kayaking trip in the new van.

It is a truly awesome feeling to be involved with an organisation so appreciative of the support given, and to see it in the smiling faces of the kids whose experience of education is just that little bit all the better for it. The Toyota Hiace is the perfect vehicle for the job - kitted out with seating for the students in comfort and style whilst surrounding the precious cargo in class leading safety along side all important fuel efficiency.

Z Bowater Motors stands behind our local Hospice

Written by BMG Media.

150313-004e hospiceChairman of the Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust John Peters receives a cheque from Z Bowater Motors CEO Chris Bowater and General Manager Matt Morris. Click to enlarge.

Some chartities and community organisations exist for a reason that many of us don't want to think about. A time when you and your family may need support the most. A time of loss and grief. A time of transition, and sometimes a time of fear, pain and sadness. A time that some families dread but a time that some families can deliver amazing strength and support to loved ones.

Hospice is one of those organisations. They collectively deliver a range of services that most of us put to the backs of our minds, until confronted with the harsh realities of needing them when our family circumstances reach a crossroads. Hospice heavily relies on donations and it's Hospice Shops to generate the funds to enable it to continue to deliver valuable Palliative Care and community support.

The Z Rutherford division of Z Bowater Motors are very pleased to be able to contribute $1,000 towards the continued delivery of services by Hospice. Chris Bowater, Z Bowater Motors CEO made comment at the presentation "Hospice really strikes a chord in Nelson and Tasman, but so few of us actually realise exactly the depth of work and care they deliver in the region. We are so proud we can support them"

John Peters, chairman of the Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust was excited to be on the receiving end of the donation. They receive 62% of their funding from the government, so every dollar donated really counts, "whether it's $10 or $10,000 we make the absolute most of it"

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