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The Bowater Motor Group are no longer a part of the nationwide Z Energy "Good in the Hood" project, but we have decided to leave this section of our website here to celebrate the many years from 2013 through to 2018 when we helped many community groups.

We previously held two Z Energy sites, on High Street in Motueka, and Z Rutherford in Nelson City, both giving away $4,000 per funding round, with 4 lucky local charity groups recieving a share of the $4,000 worth of funding. We had great responses from both locals and travellers alike during our campaigns from 2013 - 2018, with the charities very happy to be a part of it all. Good luck to all of those charities we supported, it was a pleasure working with you all during these campaigns.

For the sake of archives, please enjoy some of the videos and articles contained within this section. 

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Voting begins at Z Bowater Motor's "Good in the Hood"

 Good in the Hood

Z Bowater Motors are firm believers in helping those that help the local Motueka community, and have a great reason for you to visit them often this month. Each and every time you spend $20 or more (excluding tobacco products) you get the chance to cast your vote for your favourite local charity.

The Z Energy "Good in the Hood" promotion is on again for the entire month of March, and at the end of it, the 4 local charities will divide up the $4,000 depending solely on the percentage of votes they received during that time. So who are we all voting for this time around?

Meeting the 2014 Z Good in the Hood Charities

The Bowater Motor Group are very pleased to be able to get behind another year's Z Good in the Hood funding of local charities, as nominated by our local community.

This year the 4 charities are up for their share of $4,000, with $1,000 being left behind in the pot to be distributed during 2014 to another local charity / community project that the team here at Z Bowater Motors feels passionate about.

Last week the 4 charities were announced as follows: Plunket Motueka, Motueka Search & Rescue, Motueka St John,and Victim Support Motueka.

Good in the hood
The 2014 Z Good In The Hood Recipients. From left: Meg (3) with her Mum and Plunket Motueka representative Sarah, Gerry Tonkin from Land Search & Rescue (SAR), Fred Wassell from Motueka St John, Anthony (Motueka SAR), Donna Smith from Victim Support Motueka with Chris Bowater (CEO Z Bowater Motors) and site manager Matt Morris.

These charities are now in line to receive a share of the $4,000 and need all of their supporters to come in during March and vote for them! 

For those reading this that dont know who or what these charities do in our community read on as we got a chance for a quick chat during the photoshoot.

It is time again to be all "Good in the Hood" and give away some money

 Good in the Hood

The Bowater Motor Group are super excited to be able to be a part of yet another round of excellent community funding through the Z Energy "Good in the Hood" funding programme.

Bowater Z Motors of Motueka are a community service station through and through. The BMG site on High Street in the centre of town has had a service station on that same spot for generations. The changeover into a Z Station brought with it a new focus back into the community from the Fuel provider, with Z Energy committed to serving the local communities it fuelled.

Part of this new concept of giving back was the establishment of the Z "Good in the Hood" campaign. This involves 4 charities being nominated to receive their share of $4,000 - all allocated via the voting process. If one charity gets 80% of the overall votes from the public, they will receive 80% of the $4,000. Simple as that.

Good on them we say, and we are very excited to be able to hand over this funding on their behalf.

This year for the early 2014 Z Good in the Hood campaign the groups nominated to receive their share of the $4,000 funding pot have just been announced.

Voting is tight, and every vote counts

good in the hood
Atawhai Teaukura casting her vote today at Z Bowater Motors on High Street in Motueka.

As the month of voting rapidly accelerates past us all it is time to check up on the voting for the 4 charities in the Z Bowater Motors. Voting is tight at the top with the votes almost even for the Motueka Victim Support, Whenua Iti Outdoors, and the Motueka Riding for the Disabled. Motueka Toy Library is a little way behind, but with 11 days left it could swing in the favour of any of the charities.

Up for grabs is a share of the $4,000 of funding. The count of the votes will determine the ratio at which the funding will be split.

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