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The Toyota Prado; capable beyond comparison.

2018 prado 01

Our award winning Parts and Accessories team are hiring. Are you the right part for the job?

Written by BMG Media Team.

150218-doty-parts107The award winning Bowater Toyota Parts & Accessories Dept with the 2014 Toyota Excellence Cup. From Left: Kieron Reilly (Manager), Gary Fitzgerald (Motueka), Emma King-Turner (Nelson), Barry Roach (Nelson), Gordon Palmer (Richmond)

Can you find a needle in a haystack?
Are you a fully fledged 10,000 piece JigSaw master?
Does the self assembly instruction sheet in the box of DIY flatpacked furniture present a suitably exciting challenge?

The skills required to be part of an award winning team that brings home the Parts Excellence Cup from Toyota in both 2013 and 2014 are varied and not what you would expect. For us it is all about communication - the ability to talk to our customers open and honestly, and the ability to grow our network on a local and national scale by engaging with all walks of life whenever the situation arises.

If you own a vehicle, or manage a fleet of them for your business or your job, you will have an appreciation for a great relationship with your Parts Dealer. Vehicles need repair. Always. As they age things wear, and accidents will always happen. Both situations mean repair or replacement. This can be a complicated process sometimes depending on your vehicle, the age of it and whether or not it is an import. 

The Bowater Toyota Parts and Accessories Department has won the coverted Parts Excellence trophy back to back partly because of the ability of the team to act locally, as well as nationally, but most importantly to think globally. Communication has been key to this success. The team has the ability to talk easily to their customers, more powerful though is the skill of listening to what the customer needs.
If you are a business and downtime means lost income it is paramount that any time in a workshop is kept to an absolute minimum. Having the right part to your doorstep, or to the workshop your vehicle is at is critical. Having a firm grasp of the stages in this process is what makes for a successful Parts Advisor, and this is exactly the kind of person we are looking for.  

Bowater Toyota is victorious at the 2014 Toyota Dealer Awards

Written by Media Manager.

The successful Bowater Toyota teamWINNERS! The proud management team from Bowater Toyota holding just some of the trophies from the annual 2014 Toyota Dealer Awards. From left: Nigel Last-Harris (Sales), Aaron McLean (Sales), Alistair Mapperley (Finance), Bowater Toyota CEO Tony Bowater, Sandie Horne (Admin), Kieron Reilly (Parts), Chris Westley (Service). Click the image to enlarge

"This is a reflection on the whole team across the region, and testament of what great teamwork can achieve" 

Bowater Toyota's CEO Tony Bowater and his wife Janine headed to Toyota New Zealand's home base in Palmerston North for the glittering, star studded black tie annual Toyota Dealer Awards on Friday 13th February. Tony was quietly optimistic of returning to Nelson with some awards in tow, and by quietly optimistic we mean very understated and totally downplaying the chances of such a clean sweep even though they were to find out that Bowater Toyota were finalists in 6 of the 8 categories they could be elegible for. 

What actually happened at the awards was something quite unexpected, but delightful and very humbling never the less. Bowater Toyota dominated the awards, bringing home 3 trophies including the prestigious and coveted Yokoi Cup for Dealer of the Year. This is awarded for overall excellence in dealership operations, market leadership and dealership facilities, and is the first time since the award was rolled out in 1985 that the Bowater Toyota name has graced the side of this very important recognition.

winners of Toyota Dealer of the YearFrom Left: Alistair Davis (Toyota NZ Managing Director & CEO), Tony Bowater (Bowater Toyota CEO), Janine Bowater, S. Teramoto (Toyota NZ Senior Executive Director). Click image to enlarge.  

Also won on the night were two more major awards - the New Car Sales Excellence Cup, as well as the Parts & Accessories Excellence Cup, trophies that Bowater Toyota also won the previous year (2013). To top it off the night didn't end there, with additional recognition, with Bowater Toyota receiving the Platinum Award for achieving a level of excellence that significantly exceeds that of similar sized dealerships in all areas of operation, as well as the Triple Crown Certificate; recognition that the dealership came in on top of sales for passenger, commercial and Total New vehicle sales in the region.

Add colour and excitement to your life. Accessorise, customise and make your car your own.

Written by Media Manager.

yaris and yoga
The new 2015 Toyota Yaris - a perfectly fun way to navigate a busy life!

Have our lives have got way, way busier lately, or this just a figment of imagination bought about by having so many more opportunities to just do more things?

An eternal question presented to us all collectively as we "grow up' and fill our lives with layers upon layers of daily activites, fun and excitement.

What hasn't changed is the opportunity for fun, and to not take life a little too seriously. Infact, we have greater chances to have fun expressing our individuality than ever before. Technology has brought about abilities that just did not exist a few years ago. Why own and drive a normal, "boring car" when you can customise it into something completely unique and completely exciting! Something that expresses your personality. Something not to be missed!

If you have been out and about in Nelson lately you are sure to be spotted Bowater Toyota's latest demonstrator, a new 2015 Toyota Yaris that started life with the base colour of COOL SODA.

Seizing the moment, the team at Bowater Toyota decided to add in some funky flavour to this great little car, giving everyone that sees it the chance to have a quiet little think about how they can personalise their current or next vehicle. A little moment of inspiration perhaps.
It is certainly hard to miss and has since become affectionately known as the HOT SODA Yaris - hence the photo outside the local Hot Yoga Studio - nice little tie in there isn't it, and the perfect around town vehicle for a bunch of Hot Yogarites......

The Toyota Hilux is king of the mountain again

Written by Media Manager.

Jo Rainey (Rainbow Committee), Jono Hay (Rainbow Ski Area Mountain Manager) & Tony Bowater (Bowater Toyota) with their Rainbow Prado and sponsored 2014 Toyota Hilux.

The 2014 season of snow up at Rainbow Ski Area has been one of the best yet.
Great late snow, and heaps of people using the ski field all season long, and having a great time of it. The snow came and went and came back again, and the field had some fantastic snow making conditions early on in the piece so got the snow guns blazing, giving Rainbow a great snow base to begin with.

The Bowater Toyota Slush Cup this season was epic, and held on the final, closing weekend. A weekend that had some pundits claiming that the powder up on the mountain made for the best snow day they had ever had on a New Zealand field, EVER!

The Bowater Motor Group, and more recently Bowater Toyota, have had a long affiliation with the ski field, and the various clubs that have been associated with the area over the decades. A strong relationship has been cultivated over this time, reinforced over the last couple of seasons with a rekindled sponsorship with Bowater Toyota helping them out with vehicles.

This past season they had the use of a customised 2014 Toyota Hilux double cab 4X4, a tough as nails work horse that had some reasonably high expectations placed upon it going into the job.


Rainbow Ski Area Mountain Manager was so impressed with the 2014 Toyota Hilux that he wrote us an email that we would love to share. An impartial (well slightly partial) testimony into living with a Hilux in the real world, with real working conditions. After all life in the mountains can be quite brutal. 

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