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The new Toyota 86 - The Fun is back in a big way!

The Toyota 86 is quite the car. It has gained an almost cult like status before even being released, and one could quite honestly say it is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated "mainstream" car launches in the last decade.

The 86 is a game changer. It is a pure "drivers car" that combines the very best of technology with an affordability quite unmatched by anything else so exciting.
At a starting price of $41986 for the off the shelf 86, it is cheaper than a lot of family sedans, sporty hatches or entry level SUV's, but plays well outside of it's class according to a lot of motoring journalists and car enthusiatists.

86 takes a corner

This section of the news pages are devoted to the 86.
Join us as we eagerly await it's arrival, and then enjoy the car like it was always designed to be driven......

Improving on perfection. The 2014 Toyota 86 gets tweeked.

MY15 Toyota 86
The new 2014 MY15 model Toyota 86. Perfection. Improved.

Improving on the purest, most engaging and dynamic driving experience Toyota delivers is a lofty development goal, but one that has been successfully realised with the arrival of the MY15 Toyota 86 and GT86.

Upon its debut in 2012 the 86 was hailed as a modern performance phenomenon; a classic rear-drive sports coupe offering perfect weight distribution, perfect balance and a crisp and communicative on-road feel for out-and-out driver involvement.

“When a model launches its first iteration as perfectly realised as the 86 did almost three years ago, the assumption could be made that the car’s development process freezes at that point. Naturally, this couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Neeraj Lala, Toyota New Zealand General Manager of Product. “We are now receiving the 86’s third series of enhancements.  

“Toyota’s engineering division has continued to evolve key 86 performance attributes, delivering in the MY15 model a series of updates that will enhance the enthusiast driver’s ability to safely and confidently control the car as appropriate to the environment, whether that be on the road or the track.”

Together the 86 and GT86 models showcase a number of enhancements designed to further improve and develop the on-road dynamics of this award-winning sports car, as well as add to the tactile enjoyment of its driver-orientated cockpit.

The Top Gear magazine Car of the Year: The GT86.

My lords, ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the Toyota GT86

top gear
Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear waxes lyrical on why he picked the Toyota GT86 as his favourite car of 2012.

While driving through America recently, James May and I happened upon a car of such unparalleled awfulness that we slowed down to get a closer look. It was called a Nissan Versa, and I simply can't imagine what the design team was thinking of when they were styling it. The Austin A35, probably.

Both of us agreed it was the worst car we had ever seen and that, in all of our lives, we'd never encounter a machine that we'd like the look of less. But then, round the very next corner, we stumbled upon a Chevrolet something or other which was even more terrible. Part Chrysler PT Cruiser and part Morris Traveller, it was a disjointed mishmash of nothing that anyone likes.

And then later, while hanging around in a San Diego car park, we noticed another car. We had no idea what it was. It had four wheels, four doors and was made from metal. There were windows and doors, and neither of us could come up with a single reason why someone should have bought such a thing.

It wasn't as stupid as the Nissan and Chevy we'd seen earlier. In fact, it wasn't stupid at all. Nor was it ugly. It was nothing. It was just a car-shaped hole in the view. Later, we learned what it was. We even found out which model. But we can't remember now.

The BMG 86 sets the pace at the Port Nelson Street Races

When it comes to sending a car around the track as a part of the annual Port Nelson Street Races, Nelson Road Racing Association president Nick Marer called upon Bowater Toyota with only one car in mind.
That car, is of course the Toyota 86. The perfect car for the job.

Nick was on the hunt for the Official Pace Car for the annual 2013 Port Nelson Street Races. This street race is an iconic street circuit motorcycle race, held in Nelson since 1992, and featuring multiple classes of racing, culminating in the King of the Port Race - always a hotly contested event.

We jumped at the chance to get the Toyota 86 into it's "natural" environment, an official "closed road" track where it could stretch it's legs unhindered and without breaking any laws!

Toyota 86 

The chance to get trackside does not happen that often in Nelson. Normally those wanting to get some track day action have to travel a long way to satisfy that urge, or just resign themselves that it is not a reality, and just the dreams of car crazy young boys.
The Toyota 86 has changed all of that. Finally a car has come onto the market that is not only remarkably priced at just $41,986,  but has actually been designed for those wanting to enjoy a perfectly respectable, everyday car 90% of the time, but also experience the thrills of Track Days if the opportunity arises.
All this being said, the 2013 Port Nelson Street Race gave us the perfect opportunity to show the motor racing fans of Nelson the new face of the performance side of Toyota.

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