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Your car is probably your next biggest asset to your home, and you will spend a considerable amount of time in your car over your lifetime.
Life is too short to be worrying about your car. You need a car that suits your lifestyle. 
We have a comprehensive range of the world's best valued and most reliable cars ready for you to experience. You can drive your dream today. It is that easy.   

Since 1945, The Bowater Motor Group has been providing the Nelson region with quality vehicles and servicing that is second to none. Now, even more so than ever before, it is possible to drive your dream.
The future of car technology has arrived.
With our stores, showrooms and customer centres spread all over the wider Nelson region we are confident that our long history in the area means that we not only know what works best around here, but what will work best for you.   

Think Bowaters and three things come to mind...
Quality, excellence and vehicles to suit a lifestyle.

Whether for urban, business or off-road, let Bowater's begin your journey.
If you're going somewhere - The Bowater Motor Group will take you there.

Joins us as we officially launch the next generation Hyundai Kona

231123 KONA launch bannerThe all new Hyundai Kona is built to be different. With it’s cutting edge design and rich layer of powerful technology you will discover the joy of driving each and every day. This next generation Kona is available as a super fuel efficient petrol option, or a hybrid or a full electric vehicle. With a starting price of just $39,990 (+orc), this vehicle is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of different people and businesses. 

Whilst you can see it to your hearts content on the internet, there is something quite special being in a room full of people seeing it in person for the first time. We will have the team on hand to answer all of your questions and discuss all of the options available. 

We are also showcasing a couple of other vehicles that have snuck in under the radar. The Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy Special Edition is the last of the lineage of the diesels, and is bathed in luxurious touches. We are also going to be showcasing the Hyundai Tucson Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), a fantastic option that gives you the every day functionality of an EV and the range of a traditional vehicle. 

We would love to see you Thursday 23rd November. The event starts around 5pm with networking and drinks and nibbles. 

hyundai kona santa fe tucson

RSVP to David by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call us on (03) 545 8032 so that we can get the catering right. 

Bowaters.The road to the future starts here.

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Welcome to the Toyota Mobility Project

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The Toyota Mobility Project Pilot is now completed as of 31st January 2024. Thank you to all involved for your support. We are now in the analysis phase as we evaluate the project and make a business case for a nationwide release.

The Toyota Mobility Project takes mobility and turns it into a service for everyone.
This exciting new payment for access model means you get use of the right vehicle, at the right time, for only as long as you need it.

Book a vehicle from your phone from the wide range on offer, for 30 minutes or several hours, unlock it via the App, and drive away. Fuel is included up to 70km on bookings 2 hours or less. Drive it further, or have it for longer, and the cost of extra fuel is deducted from your account unless you bring it back refueled.

Use the right car, for exactly the right purpose for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day or a weekend. The choice is yours to make. It is all about mobility for all, in the latest clean, safe and environmentally efficient vehicles one of New Zealand’s most trusted brand produces.

The Toyota Yaris Mobility Project car at the marina

A series of significant milestones for the team.

July 25th, 2022.

2002 bowater toyota team 

The Bowater Motor Group acquired the Toyota franchise for the top of the south back in 1990, and as such as welcomed onto the team a large number of the existing Wrightcars Toyota team.

That was 32 years ago, and we are proud to say that we still have a good number of those same individuals still with us and celebrating some significant work anniversaries over this past few months. 

We love celebrating success and excellence and there is something very special about a workplace where so many of the team have chosen to literally invest decades into moving BMG forward. We thank them all, and are very proud to take a minute to celebrate these fantastic people.

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