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Nelson Prius Challenge winners take an Epic East Coast Prius C Roadtrip

It seems like a lifetime ago since Nick Marer blew us all away with his astounding 2.5L/100km drive around the Prius Challenge course.

Since then many have tried, but no one else has managed to topple Nick off his throne as the Bowater Toyota Eco Driving King!

As a reward for being such a nice bloke, and a very eco minded driver, we gave him the use of the Prius C for a week to go where ever he wanted. When he rocked up with his wife April and casually mentioned the Ruapuna Speedway, a few nervous chuckles were heard. Nick has also gained the unenviable reputation of a NZ land speed record holder in his own Prius, captured in all it's glory on a massive speeding ticket!

Fear not we thought, as Nick and April drove off into the sunset about to embark on an East Coast Prius Roadtrip.

April did the driving and was very impressed with the low fuel use, even compared to their bigger engined "normal" Prius.

Tasman vs Nelson. Head to head in the Prius Challenge. Who has the greenest mayor?

We laid down the Prius Challenge to both local mayors.
Who would be the greenest? Which one of them would be able to pull off the best Eco Score, saving both fuel and money on their trip around our Prius Challenge course?


We wanted to get the message out to as many people as possible about the benefits to breaking your old driving habits. The Prius Challenge is the perfect platform for this as it encourages you to be competitive on the one hand, and very mindful of your driving style and energy consumption on the other. The all new 2012 Toyota Prius C delivers an amazing amount of usable information to the driver as you are driving, so you can monitor your driving, fuel consumption and energy use all at the same time from easy to use information displays.

With EcoFest just around the corner we thought it would be a perfect time to get both of the Mayors in, lay down the challenge and see who is the greenest when it comes to driving efficiently.
Last week Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio came in and posted a very respectable eco score of 3.7L/100km but stormed around the course in an astonishing 14 minutes, showing one and all that you can still drive efficiently and get to the meeting on time! Click here to see his photos and read the full story. This score put Aldo 7th on the Leader Board but left the door wide open for Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne to make a real competition of it.

Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio rules the road in a very wet prius challenge

Today our local Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio came by to tackle the Prius Challenge.
He was quite keen to let everyone know just how green he is when it comes to driving, but got a little distracted and somewhat excited by the shiny white Lexus ISF V8 parked beside the little eco Prius C in the showroom before we left. His true colours when it comes to cars perhaps are not so much Prius green but Italian racing red?


The conditions on the day were not the greatest for posting a super eco score - the heavy rain meant we had to use the windscreen wipers, lights and demisters on both the front and rear windscreens, so he was up against it from the start.
So how did Aldo do in the Prius Challenge?

Motueka Prius Challenge winner Kelly Barclay

We have a winner!
After a successful month of Prius Challenges on the course in Motueka we have found the greenest driver, who just happens to also be a pilot as well.
Meet our winner, Kelly Barclay - clearly excited about flying, and winning!

Kelly wins the Prius challenge

Young Kelly Barclay is very happy to be the winner of the Bowater Toyota Prius Challenge in Motueka, he now has got the bragging rights and gets to drive the Toyota Prius C for a week in spring, all topped up with a full tank of petrol.
He might have a hard time trying to finish the free tank in a week though, as it will enable him to to drive around 1000 kms.

Kelly stopped by to get the official winners photo so we chatted with him about the Prius Challenge, and theToyota Prius C.

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