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Drive your dream with Bowater Toyota

Take a very normal car, but dont getted boxed in when it comes to promoting your business

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A very sedate looking Toyota Sienta - lets see what some thoughtful customisation can do for the look of this plain jane!

Thinking outside the box often results in some quite unexpected, and stunning results.

When you are on the hunt for a vehicle for your business to use as both a utilitarian tool and a mobile advertising platform, often different is better, as it is more memorable. What can be more eye catching, and motivating, than a heavily customised "normal" vehicle for a business all about enhancing your ride.

Mag and Turbo Nelson have quite a knack for having the ability, and options in their showroom, to take the ordinary and make it spectacular. Whether you are rolling with a much admired "vintage" Toyota Supra, or this quite innocuous Toyota Sienta, the impact is only limited by your imagination, and the ingredients you bring to the table.

Mix in a healthy portion of a well made and super reliable vehicle, some clever graphics from consummate professionals Mark and the team at The Signman, and some show stopping wheels and dramatic lowering from Mag & Turbo Nelson.


141019 0362
The after picture - now a very effective mobile billboard that lets everyone know more about Mag & Turbo, where they are, and what they do!


It is not the vehicle that matters really, it is what you do with it that counts!

Once you have decided on the needs and uses for your next business vehicle you need to write these down to separate the requirements from the desires. Will this be the only vehicle that your business operates? And will it be used as a mobile billboard advertising your business to the community as you drive by? What does your business do and what will the vehicle be primarily used for?
Mag and Turbo needed a vehicle that had enough room in the back to be able to take a quite trip down the road to pick up some bits and pieces, carry a full set of tyres and tools, and have enough seats to be able to take the entire team out on a roady.

Problem solved. The 2004 Toyota Sienta that Bowater Toyota had on the yard is not only a 7 seater, but the back two rows of seats fold very flat, turning it into a mini-van - in the delivery van vs people mover sense of the term!

141019 0362

Lowering the vehicle and putting new wheels and tyres on the Sienta 1.5X not only showcases what Mag and Turbo can do for your vehicle, but it also shows how the ordinary can quickly transform!

The difference a new set of wheels makes to your new car is very dramatic, as evidenced by the photos on this page. Mag and Turbo have got a huge selection in their showroom and even more that they can order for you. If you have an idea for a new promotional vehicle for your business, stop by their 20 Vanguard Street showroom and chat to manager Matt Redwood - he is a wealth of knowledge after being in the business for so long, and will be able to guide you through the myriad of options.


Look for the signs on the pathway to business success.

Mark Nihotte of The Signman fame applying the graphics to the Mag & Turbo Sienta in his workshop.

If this is going to be your only vehicle, sign writing is a valuable customisation that you almost need to factor into the budget. Maximising the impact of having a mobile advertisement travelling the streets of our community everywhere you go is a huge opportunity to consider. 

If you are serious about promoting your business then you will know the cost of comparable advertising. A full page in the local newspapers is a considerable investment for a fraction of time to convey your message before the page turns, and if you are lucky you may end up as tomorrows fish and chip wrapper. A visually arresting car graphic will be with your business for as long as you want, and on the streets promoting your business everytime you drive it, and park it.

Done well it can deliver a powerful message, and the technology to make your vehicle stand out has developed in leaps and bounds, with full vinyl vehicle wraps now a very viable option. The Mag & Turbo Sienta started out life as an everyday silver family car. Now look at it!


Start at the start, and talk to the team that can meld metal into magic!

Giving your business a step up in today's very competitive environment is a whole lot easier than you think. The team at Bowater Toyota can put the whole process in motion for you, and bring in the professionals they have worked with time and time again to create stunning business vehicles. Finance or leasing is as easy as talking to Al Mapperly or Andrew Maitland and that will give you a starting point of what you are working with. The sales team can then delievr you a slew of options that can start the creative process! Got a mobile coffee business? Why not think quirky and go for something really stand out like this clever entrepeneur in the UK!


Creative sign writing can make all the difference, and create an instant impact, with a memorable cut through of your business and brand.
Talk to the team, work out what you need, look at your options and then think totally outside of the box. You might just end up with something quite dramatic that has got people talking, and more importantly people remembering your business, and even taking photos of your vehicle to share on social media - what better advertsiement could you have working for you!

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