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Welcome to the Toyota Mobility Project

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The Toyota Mobility Project Pilot is now completed as of 31st January 2024. Thank you to all involved for your support. We are now in the analysis phase as we evaluate the project and make a business case for a nationwide release.

The Toyota Mobility Project takes mobility and turns it into a service for everyone.
This exciting new payment for access model means you get use of the right vehicle, at the right time, for only as long as you need it.

Book a vehicle from your phone from the wide range on offer, for 30 minutes or several hours, unlock it via the App, and drive away. Fuel is included up to 70km on bookings 2 hours or less. Drive it further, or have it for longer, and the cost of extra fuel is deducted from your account unless you bring it back refueled.

Use the right car, for exactly the right purpose for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 1 day or a weekend. The choice is yours to make. It is all about mobility for all, in the latest clean, safe and environmentally efficient vehicles one of New Zealand’s most trusted brand produces.

The Toyota Yaris Mobility Project car at the marina

Welcome to our Mobility Hub.

Pay as You Go is a great way to start if you don't want to join the Mobility Club, but just want to experience it without the commitment of preloading your account. Download the app at the links below and get started!

Using the app is simple once you have it downloaded. Check out the video as we walk you through the process. 

Using the Toyota Mobility Project App.

We made a short video detailing just how easy it is to use the new Toyota Mobility Project App. Download it ahead of time so that you have it ready to go. Get access to the right car, at the right time, for just as long as you need it. From a zippy compact hybrid, through to an electric Lexus, a large 7 seater hybrid Toyota Highlander that can tow the boat and even a Hilux. The options this brings are liberating!

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Sunday, 11 December 2022

We have a range of different vehicles to suit all sorts of different needs.
Fuel is included in the price if you book a vehicle for under two hours and travel under 70kms. If you travel over that distance you will need to bring back the vehicle refueled, or the fuel cost (plus an admin fee) will be deducted from your account, or charged to your credit card if you have selected that option.

All cars (except the VIP Mobility Club selection) are available from the onsite carpark of Bowater Toyota, 82 Achilles Ave, Wakatu Carpark, central Nelson.

Toyota Yaris hybrid (compact car) $17 per hour / $85 per day
Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid (compact SUV) $19 per hour / $95 per day
Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid (compact SUV) $22 per hour / $110 per day
Toyota CH-R hybrid (compact SUV) $22 per hour / $110 per day

Toyota RAV4 hybrid (SUV) $26 per hour / $125 per day
Toyota Highlander hybrid (7 seater SUV) $30 per hour / $150 per day
Lexus UX300e (electric mid-sized SUV) $30 per hour / $150 per day

Toyota Hilux (open tray ute) $30 per hour / $150 per day

VIP Mobility Club Vehicles
(available to pre-approved customers. To join our VIP Mobility Club you will need to purchase a $1000 Credit Package)

Toyota GR Landcruiser 300 $75 per hour / $375 per day
Toyota GR86 $25 per hour / $125 per day
Toyota GR Yaris $50 per hour / $250 per day
Toyota GR Corolla $60 per hour / $300 per day
Toyota GR Supra $75 per hour / $375 per day

Click on the links below to download the App

App store Play store

 Watch the video below to walk you through this exciting new mobility opportunity.

The most cost effective way to utilise the Toyota Mobility Project is to join our Mobility Club. This gives you the greatest value for money as you get extra credit the more you invest. This is revolutionary and will change the way you think about mobility overall, as you can finally pay for a vehicle solely for the time that you need it. For instance the $500 Pack gives you $700 worth of credit, or 46.66 hours of use of the Toyota Raize. If you really only use your car once a week for an hour to get groceries or go to the hardware store that is nearly a whole year's worth of mobility for just $500!!! 

This new concept in mobility will free you up to walk, bike or take public transport into work with the knowledge that if you need to use a car for 30 minutes or an hour you can. Need to tow the caravan to Kaiteriteri a couple of times a year but don't really need a large SUV the rest of the time? Problem solved. Book the Toyota Highlander or Toyota Hilux for a couple of hours to drop it off and pick it back up again at the end. Think about how this could potentially change your future!

The Toyota Mobility Projects Highlander - a perfect SUV

Mobility Club Packages available and sold in store.

Pay $250 and receive $300 Credit to use on the App
Pay $500 and receive $700 credit to use on the App
Pay $1,000 and receive $1,500 credit to use on the App

Toyota Mobility Project cars in carpark
Please keep checking back here for further updates as we prepare to roll out the Pilot project to the wider public.

This is a pilot programme and there will be some issues that potentially pop up, so please get in touch if you feel we could do things differently. We are looking to learn as much as we can from being the national testing project and welcome all feedback. 
If you have any issues whilst using the vehicle please contact us at the Toyota Mobility Hub : 06 - 350 3721

We offer 24-hour emergency assistance by calling one of the following numbers  for the following situations requiring immediate attention:

Work Hours - the Toyota Mobility Hub : 06 350 3721
After hours or as an alternate : 027 247 7945
Last resort - Tony Bowater : 027 445 3987 / BMG Media Management : 029 770 9487

  • a) your Vehicle is not in its assigned location.
  • b) your Vehicle doors will not unlock or lock.
  • c) your Vehicle won’t start.
  • d) you are unable to park the Vehicle in the correct location.
  • e) you are running late and unable to extend your reservation because another driver has reserved the Vehicle after you.

If you have a mechanical issue, please call Toyota Roadside Assistance: 0800 900 505 and state the registration number of the vehicle that you are in. 

  • a) if the Vehicle is displaying a warning light or has a mechanical issue; and
  • b) if you need roadside assistance, such as a flat tyre repair or dead battery charge.

The Toyota Mobility Projects Yaris around town 

Terms and Conditions Apply, and are available to view as a part of the App Sign Up process. All vehicles are tracked via GPS and monitored remotely to enable the app and all of it’s functionality. You must link an active credit card to your account as a part of the Sign Up Process. You can view all of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here and we recommend that you do prior to downloading and signing up to the app.