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Your car is probably your next biggest asset to your home, and you will spend a considerable amount of time in your car over your lifetime.
Life is too short to be worrying about your car. You need a car that suits your lifestyle. 
We have a comprehensive range of the world's best valued and most reliable cars ready for you to experience. You can drive your dream today. It is that easy.   

Since 1945, The Bowater Motor Group has been providing the Nelson region with quality vehicles and servicing that is second to none. Now, even more so than ever before, it is possible to drive your dream.
The future of car technology has arrived.
With our stores, showrooms and customer centres spread all over the wider Nelson region we are confident that our long history in the area means that we not only know what works best around here, but what will work best for you.   

Think Bowaters and three things come to mind...
Quality, excellence and vehicles to suit a lifestyle.

Whether for urban, business or off-road, let Bowater's begin your journey.
If you're going somewhere - The Bowater Motor Group will take you there.

Bowaters are keen to drive new solutions to combat climate change

The Bowater Motor Group attends the AVAAZ Global Climate Change March with the intention of driving change in our area.

Bowater Honda CRZ
Bowater Honda came along with their hybrid petrol / electric sports coupe the Honda CR-Z - who ever said responsibility needed to be boring!

The Bowater Motor Group are realists.
The climate is definitely changing around us and there is a growing groundswell of people wanting to do something about that. Bowaters are all for that, and the technology now exists for passionate people to take a greater degree of responsibility for their own collective emissions and carbon footprints through the choices they make in their own personal transportation options.

Last weekend the world got together to bring attention to the fact that climate change is impacting now not only on the planet, but also on each and every one of us on an almost daily basis. The weather is more extreme, and new costs are beginning to be felt as commoditites are starting to be priced on not only the cost of actual production, but also the environmental costs of the manufacturing process as well. 

The Top of the South was well represented in the AVAAZ Climate Change Campaign - joining around 2000 other locations globally, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world on 21st September, to come together and draw attention to the problem in the lead up to a major G8 Climate Change Summit by major heads of states next week.

Golden Bay Climate Change March
The locals of Golden Bay decided to do things a little differently for the Global Climate Change March - they drove!

Golden Bay is one of the most engaged populations per capita when it comes to environmental causes, and lifestyles based on a certainly level of consciousness about self responsibility regarding personal impacts of each of us. A group of people that by and large are prepared to walk the talk. There was a good turnout with a really active bunch of locals wanting to make their collective voices heard. What was interesting about the Golden Bay version of the Climate Change march was that it was all about Hybrid cars, and this is where the Bowater Motor Group fitted in as guests of the organisers.

Bowater Toyota are in the hunt for a new automotive technician


Is it time for a change of pace?
Want to step it up a gear and move into a busy and exciting workshop?

Bowater Toyota are looking for a new technician to join the team in their busy central Nelson workshop. The applicant will need to have experience in Japanese cars & diagnostics, preferably be an AVI, and be highly motivated and able to work in a busy, but extremely professional environment.

An excellent remuneration package is offered to the successful applicant, along with an opportunity to join a great team in a stimulating workplace; also enjoying the benefits and opportunities that working for the Bowater Motor Group offer.

Gigatown moves into a new gear, as Nelson reaches finals

Nelson is one step closer to a superfast internet connection for us all thanks to hard working team


 The first round of #gigatown is now done and dusted and all scores are reset to zero and the top 5 towns now start again on a level playing field. It is very exciting for Nelson to be one of those top 5 towns - but now the hard work really needs to happen!

We will post a couple of how to guides over the coming days on how we can all band together and get onboard the #gigatownnsn train and work towards bringing ultrafast broadband to our doors.

Whenever you see the Bowater Honda Gigatown Nelson CR-V out and about be sure to snap a photo to upload, and take a few moments to talk to the Gigatown Crew about how you can help. It does not require much, just a little from alot!

Bowater Honda Gigatown CRV
The team from #GigatownNelson at a recent Tasman Makos game getting the locals in touch with what a win will mean from all of us.


The Nelson Mail, our local paper, is even giving column centimetres to this remarkable effort, an effort that has been making progress due to the tireless battling away by a dedicated team of locals, and a few businesses like Bowater Motor Group, and Bowater Honda in particular.

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