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  • toyota 86

    Toyota 86: On the Right Track!

    The Toyota 86 is a legend in the making. It is a return to the pure fun of driving. Rear wheel, front engined with a very low centre of gravity. It has been winning Car of the Year awards all over the world, including being named the Top Gear Car of 2012 when it was first released! Fun starts when you press the button. Click here to learn more. New or used, Bowater Toyota can put you on the right track!
  • BMG Summer

    Drive your dream

    The Bowater Motor Group are ready to exceed your expectations, and make it possible to drive your dream today. A local, family owned company, we have been supporting the community since 1945 - and selling what we feel are the best cars the world has to offer, and servicing all makes and models from onsite workshops we are very proud of. We have a range second to none, with new cars in the showrooms from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, & Isuzu. There is something for everyone, at every stage, new or used.
  • Hyundai Accent

    Need a a new Accent? See our Used Selection

    If you drive a small car, or are thinking about downsizing to a lower fuel use, more efficient smaller car for around town use, then you need to see the Hyundai Accent. This zippy little hot hatch has it all! Small on size but massive on features across the model range. We have a wide range of quality used vehicles like this one in our central Nelson Yard. Click here to find out more.

Movember brings out the mo's and the money. We are joining the MoBros

Every year a handful of guys from the 75 strong staff down at Bowater's has a crack at Movember. The opportunity to grow some ridiculous facial hair that is not part of their everyday "normal" look is too good to pass up it seems.

This year we have decided to make it all official and get involved in Movember properly, with a proper Movember account and everything! This means that more of us are doing it this year than ever, including the head honchos Bowater brothers Tony and Chris. It is such a good cause that we feel that the entire Bowaters Team can take the matter seriously and do it properly which means some fund raising and moustache growing for a good cause.

Follow our journey by checking back at this page as we will keep a track of the Bowater's Mo Bro's as they develop and cultivate their moustaches. Please take a couple of minutes to visit our official Movember page (click here) and make a donation to us - we will appreciate it and feel that all of the itchiness and scornful looks from our wives and partners will be worth it!

Scroll right down to the bottom of this page to see the beginnings, the latest photos are right here at the top. Haven't they all done well! Appreciate then go and donate!


Famous MoBros - we get snapped for the paper.

We had the pleasure of getting together as many of the Bowater's MoBro's as we could for a photo for the Nelson Mail. With 6 different locations spread out across the region it is always hard to co-ordinate all of our MoBro's but we managed to get about a third of those participating this year to the photo shoot.

Hopefully this photo and resulting article in the paper will generate some more donations to our Bowater Motor Group Movember page, which if you click here will take you through to where you can donate. It is easy, safe and secure and will only take a couple of minutes and we will be most grateful.

bowaters mobros

Click here to read the full story.

We have started with a clean slate, and took a bunch of photos of those that were around and keen to participate on the 1st of November. As the month has progressed so too has the moustachiness with a clear moustache style coming out ontop as the Bowaters Favourite. Some of our team have the serious slo-gro-mo, others are having to get into some industrial manscaping to keep it all in check.


The latest round of photos have produced evidence of some very solid 3rd week growth of most of the Bowater MoBros.

The Beginnings of the Moustachiness.

Here are the 'proof of life" photos with Friday's edition of the Nelson Mail as proof that faces were clean shaven on start day.

The next question will be what sort of moustaches will take shape as the month progresses. Last year there seemed to be an abundance of "boonies". What will be the Bowaters moustache of choice this year?

The rules for Movember are quite established - the moustache must start fresh and not join up with the sides, or form a goatee / beard combo. 

To help the guys out here is a wee moustache guide for the uninitiated.

 movember guide

Movember is a global movement now and happens every November right around the world. It is an opportunity for us all as a community to raise awareness of issues sadly neglected by alot of kiwi men - their health! For many men in the community regular health check ups are rare, with visit's to the doctors only when things are bad, and in some cases real bad. However, just like servicing your vehicle we are all better off being proactive rather than reactive! A regular service schedule will definitely extend the life and performance of your vehicle - THE SAME APPLIES TO OUR BODIES GUYS!!!!!!! Get into the habit of going in for a routine service yourself - especially if you are over 40. The prostate check is really not that bad, and just consider the alternative if you are unlucky enough to be struck down by this nasty disease. Sobering yes, but this is also the reality for far too many of us.

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